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Man cartier love ring white gold wide version ring Replica
  • Man cartier love ring white gold wide version ring Replica
  • Man cartier love ring white gold wide version ring Replica

Man cartier love ring white gold wide version ring Replica

Model: sku_435


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Item Name: replica cartier love ring white gold wide version ring

Brand: fake cartier love ring
Model: B4084700
Color: white gold
Diamonds: NO
size: US Size 6 - US Size 9 (1:1 Version)
Material: 316L titanium steel plating 5-layer real 18k white gold

Cartier LOVE jewelry is an exceptional creation of 1970s New York. Today, this replica Cartier Love ring remains an iconic symbol of love that transgresses all boundaries. The handcrafted motifs, elegant oval shape and undeniable uniqueness establish fake Cartier LOVE rings as a timeless tribute to passionate romance

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